Meet the Team


Mel Moss – President

Founder and President of LGBT Promo, Mel has over 20 years’ experience in building brands and marketing. Mel directly oversees all company activities related to sales, marketing, accounting, social media and ecommerce. Additionally, Mel oversees all trade shows, community activities and networking events that the organization participates in or initiates. LGBT Promo is proud to be a 100% woman-owned Women Business Enterprise. When Mel is not working, she can be found watching movies, playing with her boxer Louie Pete, or volunteering her time in service of improving the community. Mel’s aspirations include rescuing senior dogs and retiring near the water. Mel also loves to serve in the community and greatly enjoys diving when on vacation.

Don Moss – Vice President

As Vice President of LGBT Promo, Don oversees the overall direction and management of sales and business development operations, pricing, compensation, and distribution and channel strategy. Don has over 30 years of experience in sales and marketing, and has held positions such as National Sales Manager for a textile company, and Director of Sales and Operations for a specialty retailer.
When Don is not working, he can be found looking for items to upcycle, or in the community giving back to others.
Don’s aspirations include being boat captain or beach bum whichever comes first, and relaxing poolside.

Mal Moss – Business Development Manager

Mal has a vast background in marketing/advertising and healthcare. She has been involved in the LGBTQ community for many years. Mal was invited to participate in Atlanta Pride; representing the Women’s Health Initiative in Atlanta for which she served on the committee. Mal also participated with LGBTQ and Christian leaders in a focus group to begin a dialogue on how to create a more welcoming and collaborative environment for the LGBTQ community.

When Mal isn’t working you can find her reading her favorite novelist Robin Cook or watching sports.Mal is married to Kaci and have two fur babies, Mercedes and Benz.They enjoy spending time in their community and look to serve where they can to improve the lives of young people.

Greg Duncan – Business Development Manager

Greg is a cornerstone of our daily business and identifies new opportunities in target markets with the support of marketing. Greg also nurtures and develops relationships with key customer accounts. Greg has over 18 years of experience directing projects for Fortune 500 companies that align with business goals and objectives. When not working at LGBT Promo, he can be found on a Rugby pitch for both his Son and Daughters teams or helping run 2 different Rugby Programs, Fishers High School, where he is VP on the board as well as Southeastern Youth Rugby Board as a member at large. He also enjoys tinkering in the garage, working on cars and woodworking. Greg’s aspirations include climbing to Mt Everest’s Base Camp, as well as retiring to a small island in the Caribbean on a sailboat.

Louie – Morale Supervisor

The most handsome, carefree and debonair member of the LGBT Promo team, Louie oversees employee morale and some aspects of customer satisfaction. Louie is a known foodie around the LGBT Promo offices, well noted for preferring organic peanut butter and unashamedly licking the spoon clean. He doesn’t mind interacting with cats, but don’t expect him to sit still if he sees a squirrel or chipmunk. In his spare time, Louie loves playing with tennis balls. If he wasn’t employed with LGBT Promo, he would likely be the mascot for Penn Tennis Company or a ball dog at Wimbledon.